From the latin ‘processio’, generally meant as”advancement” or “military march”, the Processions are liturgical rites with expiatory or propitiatory functions, in which the faithful proceed in line, on the streets or in a church, accompanying a statue, a relic, mostly praying and singing psalms.
If with the works ‘Dioramas’ my attempt was to fix the memory and its images on a stage, and with ‘Doppelgänger’ to look at the memory and time in its gashes (introduced by figures presenting our own appearance, our ‘doubles’ ), with ‘The Processions’ begins the investigation of the Source,from the which the images that obsess me originate from. An Impossible I present gifts to, that I question as as an oracle, using its same language made of symbols and enigmas. That’s why for my work I always use ambiguous elements, with an indistinct matrix, as if they were separate parts waiting to be recombined as a whole. My work exists between the realms of the visible and the invisible, between symbolic sublimation and the laws of this world. My work is a personal attempt to refound the World, to translate it into a new alphabet, and to get lost in a mystery while attempting to read it.